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The Doll 2

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Daughter doll 2 Mair and Aldo, Kayla died in an accident. Maira is depressed and Aldo plunged into their work. Six months later, the anniversary of Kayla strange things began to happen Mair: broken TV twist; They call the voice of a child to them; Kyle favorite doll, Sabrina often gets to feel Soon Mair as it’s no longer alone and Elsa, trying to guess her best friend to communicate with Kayla, with Sabrina as a medium. Shortly afterwards, the Mair is unbearable, DekaKaylais, the spirit of disturbing. MairaAldo tries to say, but her husband refuses to believe it. Ghost in the Shell 2017 So she contacted Bu Lara and bagasse for help. Both are paranormal investigators who experience something similar a few years ago, but Bu Laras feels that this case is worse than ever.

Language: Indonesian

Classification: NA

General Release Date: July 27, 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Sales: CSC Movies

With: Luna Maya, Herdzhunot Ali, SarahVijanto Mary Sabta

Director: Rocky Soraya

Type: 2D


The Doll 2

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